December 31, 1998

Korn's Jonathan Davis Recording Solo Album?

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has been in the studio recording with Orgy guitarist/ programmer Amir Derakh, although it's not clear where the end results will turn up. A source close to Derakh told Metal Edge magazine's Gerri Miller that the project was a Davis solo album and that they hoped to have it finished before Korn hits the road next month.
   A spokesperson for the band confirms that the pair have been recording, but she says no plans have been made to release the material. Orgy is the only act signed to Korn's recently created label, Elementree. Korn records for Epic.
   Meanwhile, Davis told his band's official Web site in an interview that Korn has been reviewing tapes of this past year's Family Values tour, confirming that a live concert album and video will be released sometime next year.
   Also in the interview, Davis takes some pot shots at Spin, mostly for the magazine's November Korn cover. While using a few choice words, Davis volunteered that while Marilyn Manson may have had his bodyguards beat up the publication's editor, Korn's people would have gone after the art director. He said the band was livid when the magazine, using computer graphics, pasted their faces on monkey suits.
   Davis even offered up a description of his recent wedding and its medieval theme. "I was fully in all armor and wearing a king's crown," said Davis. "She's a fairy. There were all kinds of little fairies and spirits jumping in the trees and shit. It was crazy."   
Korn leaves for Australia Jan. 12 for the Big Day Out festival dates, then heads to Japan for a few shows before coming home for a two-week break before starting their tour with Rob Zombie Feb. 26.