KoRn Message Board Guidelines

Rules suck and I'm not here to impose a ton on anyone. All this is is a quick rundown of things I will not tolerate. I have been to many KoRn message boards/newsgroups and seen hundreds of stupid posts by idiots who enjoy saying how much KoRn sucks/soldout and then ragging on people for their opinions.
This will not be tolerated as it is stupid and immature and a waste of time and space for the people who are here to learn something and post some useful info.

1) Non-related posts will be removed
2) Obscene and/or offensive posts not relating to KoRn will be removed
3) Say whatever you want as long as it pertains to KoRn or something related (i.e. Elementree records, etc.)
4) Please respect everyone.
5) Don't be an asshole.
6) KoRn RuLeS! : )

There you go. Have fun and enjoy my site!

-Justin (creator)

BaCk To ThE MeSSaGe BoArD
BaCk To ThE StArT