KoRn LuVeRs

I don't know your fucking name...so what? Let's fuck!

Alright, we all know than Jonathan, Head, David and Fieldy are all attached...but Munky, he's single, and you may even find him on here! (I doubt it though! : )
So, forget about KoRn and meet some cool guys and/or girls in your own hometown!
You can be looking for a fling, a thing, the love of your life, or just a quick fuck...but whatever you want, you're sure to find it!!! Just click below to find a KoRn LuVeR for YOU!!!

Top 10 Signs It's A Bad First Date:

  • Your date thinks your mom is a hottie!
  • Your date's idea of a romantic evening consists of McDonalds and a Monster Truck Show!
  • Your date shows up drunk.
  • Your date insists you call him by his computer nickname, "Studmuffin21".
  • Your date asks for gas money.
  • Your date insists on bringing along her Teddy Bear, "Mr. PeeJees".
  • Your date keeps telling you about your future together.
  • Your date asks if you can pick up her boyfriend from work.
  • Your date eats off of your plate without asking.
  • Your date's parents ask, "Which one are you?"

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