The date was Thursday Oct. 8th '98 my first time seeing KoRn live, even tho I had been a fan for years...we got checked out of school that day...and were just kickin' it at my cousins house, waiting for our ride...I was listening to the radio when I heard "KoRn show delayed!" I was in shock...I told every1 else yadda yadda yadda. It was b/c Jon was sick. The show was to be Monday Oct. 12th same time and place. Monday came got check out of school *again* and we were on our way. After 4 hours of driving we arrived at the arena...the excitement kicked in, I was shaking, all hot, felt like throwing up, then again I felt like running around and screaming. The opener ORGY, then LIMP BIZKIT, RAMSTINE, ICE CUBE, then KoRn. We were front row...we were originally to be in seats way high up in the sky but who really sit where their ticket stub says? Out came KoRn. I kept my eye on Fieldy, him and his bad ass bass! Jon didn't really go off...I guess it was b/c he was still a little sick. I don't remember the set list but I do remember the song A.D.I.D.A.S...every1 lit up their lighters. I looked around(and yes I can see, I'm tall) and saw all kinds of faces lit up, lips moving. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen at a concert! To me the whole thing ended fast. I remember while we were waiting for the people to set up for KoRn me and my cousin saw Fieldy's shadow...hat, beard, and bass in hand. We totally went off. It was so awesome! There's a bunch of little things that happened. I remember seeing Jon put on his green fuzzy coat, going off to my side of the stage to get his bag pipes, it was so amazing! Fieldy beating the shit out of his bass, looking bad ass...and it just being a kick ass show! There's more details but I'll tell you another time. Got KoRn?

Fieldy encounter...
It was Thursday Feb. 25th '99, the day before their ROCK IS DEAD tour first started(Because they were kicking their ROCK IS DEAD tour here in my home town(TUCSON, AZ) they were here a week b4 the show doing promos for the radio and stuff). Lemme just say...that morning I had a feeling that something good was gonna happen, I was walking around thinking "it would kick ass if I met..." I had the feeling...I think if I had that feeling I should have put on something more kick ass. It's a long story to say how I ended up where I ended up so I'll just start off here...It was between 6 & 7PM, and this girl that I had met that day had just left. She had called her mom to pick her up cuz we both thought that we would not meet any1 from KoRn cuz we started looking at 12 noon. So she just left and I was walking up these long ass steps, got to the top and walked down a long hallway(keep in mind this is all outside at night) and while walking down that hall I got my self all prettied up, not really thinking about what I was doing, just disappointed that I didn't see any1. I was kinda afraid cuz I was alone and IT WAS DARK and no1 was around...NO1!!! I was heading to RONSTAT(the bus depot). And so after walking down that long hallway I turned to walk down another long hallway. I had my head down, singing Freak On A Leash(that chick got it stuck in my head after singing it all that day), and 2 janitors walked by my I didn't think anything of it. I was half way down the hall by an ATM machine and I heard laughing, I looked up and there was Fieldy & Kare Bear(I think it was Kare Bear, he's in the clip w/ Head when he goes "you spilt my beer, yes, yes, yes, aw fuck you!" in WHO THEN NOW) w/ pink silly string on their shoulders, Fieldy picking off the string that was on him. I stood there in total shock, mouth wide open, just a blank look on my face. Fieldy goes "What?" w/ a smile. He knew I knew who he was. And I walked up to him and said "YOUR FIELD!"(like he didn't know that!), he smiled and said "what's up?" and threw out his hand...not for a hand shake but that little G hand thing you do. I had this crazy smile on(I just know) and kept saying "YOUR FIELD! YOUR FIELDY!" and ended it w/ a "YOUR YOU!" Yes I know I'm a dork! Him and his friend were laughing at me, which I don't blame them for doing. The next thing I said was "You know how fucking long I've been looking for you!" he replies w/ "how long?" 'I started at 12:00!' "the show's not till tomorrow" he says 'I know that I was first here to see that damn Bill Clinton thing" (the president was here that same day to talk about social security), and FIELDY'S friend goes "yeah that was a trip!" I 4get what was said for about the next 10 minutes, then I said "can I get a picture!" and Fieldy pats down his chest and pants and says "I've got no camera" I jump in and say "I do!" I open my purse (it's not exactly a purse), and take it out of it's case, I take it out and slide it open, and Fieldy says "I got the same exact camera!" I said "tight!" and his friend goes "Lemme have it, I'll take the pictures" so I hand it over and I grab Fieldy's shoulder and set my arm over it so it hands over his chest, and he sets his on my shoulder and holds it, and w/ his other hand he throws out his hand. And then I say "Can you sign my bag?" and he puts his hands in his pockets and pulls out a black marker b4 I could get out mine, and so I pull over my bag and he says "look at her, and her DICKEY purse!" and just b4 he sets the end of the marker on my bag his friend goes "should I take another picture?" and I yell "YEAH!" and Fieldy looks up like "eh?" so he signs my bag "KoRn FIELDY $" I stood there for a while and look at it. And I dunno what happens for the next 5 or 10 minutes. Then it came time to say bye, I really didn't want him to go cuz I just love him(he's my favorite member), so I grabbed his hand and hugged him again, and I had his hand again and looked at him w/ this dopey smile(I know I looked sooo stupid!) and he threw me some winks and I let go and in he went the door, I watched him walk away holding up his tan DICKIES w/ one hand, and saw the lowrider on the back of his TRIBAL black shirt. I was thinking "WOW!" and stood there for like 3 seconds and just started running, I ran my ass 4 and a half blocks to the RONSTAT(bus depot). When I got there I was grinning like an ass. It was such an awesome night! The best night of my life! The next day of school I told cousin said "I'd be happy for you if you met MUNKY, or Jon...but Fieldy! You are no longer my cousin" she was just playing tho.
Well that's my story....and now for the review of the show which took place

Friday Feb. 26th...
The next day we arrived at the arena and the place was packing up by the minute. We got in, we walked down to the floor pushed our way to the front and we just watched every1 behind us wanting out spots :) VIDEODRONE came on...the ZOMBIE...which was cool cuz BLASKO was yelling at me, and pointing saying "YEAH!!". Then came KoRn...they all steeped out...did their thing...again I don't remember the set list. I remember a couple of times Fieldy stood in front of me and threw back his head, which was kick ass! At one point MUNKY got so close that I could almost touch I reached out the guard pushed back my arm cuz he know that I was just about to touch MUNKY. Me and my cousin got on the big screen that was on stage(the next day other people from school were laughing, and saying they said "Hey, I know those chicks")They put on a hell of a show! We thought the show was over cuz the lights came on and the guards in front of us were like "go, the shows over" but me and my cousin always stand at the rail for like 5 minutes to calm down b4 we fall over...and so people were leaving and then all of a sudden They all come out and my cousin ran to the middle of the stage cuz the people that were there thought the show was over...we took their spots...Jon went on drums, David on bass, and Head and MUNKY in their usual, and then Fieldy on vocals. He sang Earache My Eye. The hidden song at the end of Follow The Leader. It was so cool! He was like rappin'! He had this thing going on and everything! After that they took their final bow and said bye...MUNKY threw his beer cup and I caught was half way full of COORS most of it spilling out on it's way went down the hatch :) Man that was such a kick ass show! I LOVE KORN!

KoRn show. The date was Tuesday Apr 20th '99 in Phoenix, AZ. We were checked out of school, and were on our way to see KoRn for our 3rd time together. After our third 4 hour drive to see KoRn we arrived at the arena. There was a long ass line to get in so we waited...we got in and we were heading down to the floor but stopped at the very bottom of the steps and was told "you can't come down here unless you have a green wrist band" and we were like "what the fuck! the show is GA!!" we bitched for like 5 minutes and sat in the very bottom seats...closest to the floor and yelled at the people w/ the green wristbands. We sat there for about 20 minutes and then they announced something which clicked that the show was gonna start, so we jumped out of our seats and ran for the floor. I lost my cousin cuz every1 was running for the floor. B4 VIDEODRONE came out I was struggling to get up front...I got right up front like 5 minutes b4 VIDEODRONE came out. I had no idea where my cousin was...but hey as long I was up there :) VIDEODRONE came out...and Ty the lead guy from VD jumped off the stage and walked down the little space that was between the stage and me. So I reached out for his hand...but missed...and the chick that was RIGHT next to me was yelling "he grabbed my hand! he went straight for MY hand!" I was thinking "shut up you B****!" and then he came walking down by me again so I stuck out my arms and got hold of his arm and ran both my hands down his left arm(I think it was his left) and pulled off one of his bracelets...and the other girls around me saw that I pulled it off and were yelling "SHE GOT HIS BRACELET!!!! LOOK!!!" people were trying to grab for it, so I put it on really fast and the girl that was yelling "he reached for my hand!" shut was cool! Then out cam ZOMBIE and there was BLASKO was the 3rd time I had seen ZOMBIE and every time I saw them I was screaming "BLASKO! FUCK YEAH!!!" and just going nuts. So at the end of their set he threw me 4 picks and the last one he kissed and threw it over to me, he also threw me his water that was damn awesome! Then it was time for KoRn...what I was waiting for. By then I still didn't find my cousin, and some chick was *trying* to take my spot, but I fought her off and she ended up in the pit. They came out and I went crazy...even tho I was about to die. I screamed "FIELDY!" and stuff like that thru the whole set, he was so bad ass thru the whole show! In the middle of the show Chino came out and was singing PORNO CREEP, and then WICKED. On the way to the show we were talking about how cool it'd be if they sang WICKED! It was so fucking awesome! I always wanted to see Fieldy do his moves while WICKED was playing. Chino was like "Hey Phoenix! blah blah blah YEAH!!" it was cool. Then again it was coming time for the end. I was hoping that they'd put the lights on again so I could get in the center of the stage but they left the lights low. So out came Fieldy singing Earache My Eye. This chick that was on my left side was trippin' cuz I knew the words...I guess she must not be a real KORN fan. He stood right in front of me and once again threw his head back...while I was yelling "FUCK YEAH FIELDY!" I love the line "...kicked me off the team for warein' high heel sneakers and acting like a queen" think Fieldy is saying them's a total trip! They did their bows again and they left the stage. The lights came on, and I just stood there holding on to the rail cuz I was worn out from all the yelling and excitement. My cousin came over and was like "Are you ok Lisa?" I just shook my head. We stood there for a while, our clothes soaked in sweat. It was so awesome to see KoRn, and just b4 David started to have his problems w/ his hands. It was just awesome! (the show that is). You gotta see KoRn live...once you do you gotta see them again, and again, and again...