Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis is the vocalist and bagpipes for KoRn. His dark, emotional, neurotic and sometimes repulsive lyrics come from a place inside that most people ignore and/or hide. Jonathan releases his baggage in torrents of emotional rage and sadness.
You don't need to read here what Jonathan sings about and why, you just need to listen to the music to understand the pain, the frustration, the anger and the suffering of this man.
Few vocalists - and few people in general for that matter - express themselves so honestly and emotionally as Jonathan Davis. As you listen to the music you empathize with him, not so much for what he is singing about, but just the way his vocals pierce your soul with their bite of real feeling and real pain. What makes KoRn appeal to so many is in fact Jonathan Davis' (as well as the bands) honesty and integrity. They are playing what they feel. They are not changing it for anybody. They are not pandering to anyone but themselves and their own creativeness. That is true musicianship. That is God.

Jonathan Davis was born January 18, 1972 = Capricorn

Jonathan Davis speaking on Korn's Who Then Now? homevideo.