The meaty groove behind KoRn's sound comes from Reginald Arvizu - a.k.a. Fieldy. He is the bass guitar for KoRn and just when you thought things couldn't get any heavier than 7 string guitars tuned down to low A...think again!
Preferring to slap more than anything, Fieldy's playing is very staccato and rhythmic. When watching him play live you can see the sheer aggression with which he plays. Using various effects and a very meaty-metallic sound, Fieldy stands out unlike most bass players and you can hear his playing on every song. From his melodic bass line in the song "Swallow" to his heavy funk on the song "Need To" Fieldy does have a range of ability and style. Being completely hip-hop influenced he brings in the touch of rap and funk that helped establish KoRn as one of the founders of rap-metal.
Not only does this Scorpio wield his mighty bass on stage and in the studio, but he also plays guitar and drums and you can see him belt out some vocals in concert during the song "Earache My Eye" in which he sings the part of Cheech Marin. Fieldy is an essential part of the KoRn mix and as most would agree, the band wouldn't be the same without him.