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This site is going to go through an overhaul in the near future. I have been really bad about updating it.
The latest I've seen from Korn is the new video for "Somebody Someone" and David at the MTV Playboy Party with Fred Durst and company.

I also read that the new KoRn album will be out next year around summertime with a double live album accompanying it. The live album will include the rare live version of the song "Daddy". If you don't know how rare that track really is live, then you aren't a real KoRn to speak...

For the latest info go to

David was off the drums and KoRn had a fill in during their Sick and Twisted Tour.
UPDATE: The fill in for David was Mike Bordin from Faith No More.

One of the next singles off of Issues will be the song, "Trash". Stay Tuned!

Listen for "Make Me Bad" in the new Puma ad on TV!

Munky wed his longtime girlfriend on January 15th!

The second single off of the Triple Platinum album, "Issues", is "Make Me Bad". It stars Udo Kier and Brigette Nielsen and is directed by Martin Weiss. The video features the band in an X-Files type of situation. Check out the video to see the creepy special effects.

The KoRn Box Set is in the works currently. The band will be putting all four of their albums together into one package. More news as it comes in on this must have item.

KoRn, one of rock's most explosive and defining bands, enter the Billboard "Top 200 Albums" chart at #1 next week with their new CD Issues. Topping sales of 573,785, this marks the second time the band have entered the chart at #1--the first was with their triple platinum FOLLOW THE LEADER in August of 1998, only 15 months ago.

If you do not yet own the album ,"ISSUES", buy it now!
Read the "Issues" updates here.

I have got the new album and I must say it is KoRn's best. They have matured in so many ways. Jonathan Davis has improved dramatically and does alot of singing and melodies. The songs are heavy, more dramatic and emotional. The production is great. The album was released with 4 different versions of the cover. Collect em all! : )
Get this album as soon as possible. Release date was 11/16/99.

For PCs only: Check out the TV commercial KoRn is in featuring "Freak On A Leash"!

Check out the new Elementree Records Homepage! KoRn's own label.

Did you miss KoRn on South Park? They premiered their new song, "Falling Away From Me" as well as contributed their voices to their own characters, being the central part of the story. GO HERE

Fieldy and Jonathan Davis' solo albums will be finished and released when they "have the time".

For up-to-date KoRn info please visit the Official KoRn site at: www.KoRn.Com

Vote For "Make Me Bad" atTotal Request Live!

In other news, David Silveria is a model for Calvin Klein Clothing. Watch for ads featuring David.

Did you download the secret KoRn song off of on 11-27-99?
For those of you that got it, an MP3 was available at the band's website (the usual website was replaced by a blank white screen with the word "here" as a link to download the song).
It is basically what sounds almost like Fieldy singing a crazy little ditty called, "Nambla".
If you did NOT get it, download it here:

Props To The_Puma_Pimp
Angels Stabbing Me Inside
Check out his website!

Special Thanks to Paul McGee

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