My KoRn StOrY

This is my KoRn story. I saw KoRn live, April 9th, 1999 at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA (about 45 minutes south of Seattle). I had planned on bootlegging the show as well as taking pictures. I was able to do both.
I managed to bootleg most of the show, but for some reason the tape didn't record on the other side...and I didn't get the first song, Blind, as I was too busy fighting my way to safety!
KoRn's stage set consisted of their infamous "cage", a 10 foot video screen, and chainlink fencing with barbed wire around the top. It was set up like a prison.
The show started with all of the people who got to be in the cage marched across the stage like prisoners with KoRn's roadcrew dressed up as guards. There was the sound of a klaxon and search lights. KoRn then came out after everyone was "secured". They opened with Blind.
Now, I was like 10 feet from the stage cause I wanted to get some closeup photos...but when Jonathan screamed, "Are you ready?!", the place I was standing suddenly turned into the mosh pit from hell! I literally fought my way out of the pit to the sidelines where I could record the show and take pictures.
I had to run through people and practically start swinging just to get out of the chaos! Needless to say, I missed all of the first song just trying to get to safety. I thought I had broken my camera, since it was in my hand the whole time, but luckily, I didn't.
Once in a safe place I started taping the show (this was a little after the beginning of the second song, Need To). I took a total of about 35 pictures. (note that the pictures on here I did not take = they are from
The giant video screen they had behind them was very cool. They had a couple camera men walking around on stage as well as one behind the sound board. You could plainly see what was going on onstage if you were so far back that the band were nothing but ants. They also showed clips from their videos for A.D.I.D.A.S., Freak On A Leash, Got The Life and showed some stuff from the Who Then Now? video during It's On as well as other homemovie footage. Most of the video clips were tweaked with effects throughout the songs which looked really cool.
One of the most memorable parts of the show was near the end when they played My Gift To You and Jonathan freaked out and was lying on the floor of the stage at one point. This made the crowd go nuts!
They encored with Faget and ended the show with Earache My Eye with Jonathan on drums, David on bass, Munky and Head switching sides of the stage, and Fieldy on vocals. This song rocked!
After the show I hooked up with my friend that had came with me and we made our way back to the car. On the way back we passed the rear gate where the tour buses were parked. Well, I wanted to meet KoRn. I met them once during their KoRn Kampaign and they seemed really cool then, but this night KoRn really disappionted me.
Me and my friend and about 20 other KoRn fans all waited at this fence for over 3 hours in 30 degree weather and slight rain. KoRn never came out to say hi or sign autographs or anything. They may have after I left, but I was there from after the show (about 11:45) until around 3am. Head was seen going in and out of the bus about 3 times and all he did was wave to us and get on the bus or off. He never came over at all. We were told by people with backstage passes that they were being dicks. Apparently they were having an aftershow party with pot, drinks and women. Fieldy came out right before I left with 2 skanky lookin' chicks on his arm. He just walked onto the bus. I left after that.
I like KoRn and think they are a great band, but after this incident it seems to me that they have become stuck up "rock stars". I was genuinely disappointed. Maybe they came out after I left, but all I know is you don't leave your fans standing out in the cold while you non-chalantly wander from the bus back to the venue.
WE are the ones who put KoRn where they are. WE buy the records, go to the shows and watch the videos! I think KoRn needs to really respect their fans more. Maybe this was an isolated incident but everyone we talked to said KoRn was just being a bunch of assholes.
Well, at least I have the pictures and the tape of the show. KoRn performed a phenomenal concert! Jonathan was very energetic and spoke quite a bit compared to how I've seen in the past he's pretty quiet on stage.
Overall I had a great time and would recommend KoRn to anyone! Just don't expect an autograph after the show!

Seattle, WA

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