Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer make up the dissonant, eerie and mindboggling guitars that are KoRn's trademark sound. The two guitarists play off of each other as well as the rest of the band to create surreal moods and noises that sound more like they belong on a movie soundtrack then in a metal band.
With their wide array of effects pedals and just plain insane ideas, these two take guitar playing to the next level, substituting flash and million mile an hour guitar playing for mood enhancing, rhythmic - albeit, artistic - sounds.
From Whammy Pedals to Wah Pedals, Phasers to Delays, these two use their arsenal of effects to it's fullest potential yet never leave you distracted by the fancy or out of place guitar wank so many other players love to use and abuse.
Head and Munky are true originals and innovators when it comes to guitar playing.

check out these guitar riffs:
All In The Family
B.B.K. (MunkY)
B.B.K. (MunkY)
B.B.K. (HeaD)

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