KoRn 4tH aLbUm UpDaTeS

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Jonathan Davis from the Studio

We're back in the studio working on our next album. We are working with Brendan O'Brien as producer this time. He's done Rage, Pearl Jam, STP, and a whole shitload of other phat bands. Things are going well. It's been about two weeks since we started and we've already written eight songs! They are so fuckin' heavy! It reminds me of the first album... more groove oriented. Keep checking this space daily, 'cause we'll be online daily to let you know what's going on, straight outta LA!


Hey Fukkers!

We got so many great submissions for the Kover Kontest! The response from you guys (over 25,000 pieces before the deadline) was completely overwhelming! Because Korn fans are so awesome, and we got so much PHAT art, we had to recognize more than just one person.

Out of the thousands we got there were hundreds of great designs, but four super-outstanding ones. Because we think it important to give props to all four of those people, we decided to make four covers. Not forever, just the beginning. After that the grand prize winner's cover will be the only one, and the other three will be inside. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one when there are so many cool ones, and this was one of the ways we wanted to show our love and respect for the great effort. We also took all of the entries that didn't win (but were still fuckin' phat) and are putting them up in our studio so that we can always be reminded of how awesome our fans are! Keep your eyes open, 'cause you may see yours on MTV or in photos we take there!!

You are all the best! Peace.

Fieldy, David, Jonathan, Munky and Head


Look for rock's explosive KORN to premiere "Falling Away From Me"--the first single from their much-anticipated fourth album, ISSUES, due out November 16 on Immortal/Epic Records--on the first new episode of the fall season of television's most irreverent and controversial show, "South Park." Fans of both KORN and "South Park" will no doubt consider this to be a perfectly subversive match.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 27 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. That's when Comedy Central will air the hotly-tipped Halloween episode of "South Park" featuring KORN, who'll be animated by the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and will be doing their own voices. Not only will "Falling Away From Me" make its grand debut on the show, the band--JONATHAN, MUNKY, HEAD, FIELDY, DAVID--will be a major part of the episode's storyline. Details about this are being kept hush-hush until the show airs, but one could only imagine what outrageous things will emerge from Trey Parker, Matt Stone and KORN.

Meanwhile, KORN were last seen showing up to play select dates on the in-progress "Family Values Tour" along with Limp Bizkit, Filter, The Crystal Method and Staind. This is the second annual outing for the tour that was master-minded by KORN, their management company The Firm and Metropolitan Entertainment. KORN--who weren't scheduled to be on the tour this year--first turned up October 5 in Grand Rapids, MI and are expected to be on the "Family Values Tour" through October 13.

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Fieldy, a man of few words, who's here to answer some of your most frequently asked "Issues" questions.

In our last interview with Jonathan he said that Korn was trying to bring some heavy music, and something obviously different to the mainstream. What's your opinion of the current music scene, and do you feel you've made a positive impact on it?

The scene today sucks. It needs more heavy bands like Korn so we can dominate. That way the boy bands would just go away.

Do you think MTV have played a major role in reaching new audiences?

Yeah they used to never play our type of stuff, but now they're starting to.

How have you approached the production of this album knowing that there is a lot more pressure now to produce an album that matches or exceeds Follow the Leader and the previous releases?

There was pressure, but once we got in the studio it all just came together, and we knew it was going to be a better record.

How has the band developed since Follow the Leader, and how has the success of the album changed the bands relationship and perspective on opportunities in the music industry?

At first we couldn't handle the success, we would fight a lot. But now we have been able to accept everything, and we now get along better than ever.

Will the traditions of the previous three albums continue on Album # 4? That is, the child on the cover, a song with bagpipes, and the emotional rollercoaster last track?


We've heard that Album # 4 will be similar to Self Titled. Will the next album be a remake of self titled but with an added 5 years of experience since the first album was produced?


Has the bands success, the commitment you've shown to the fans and the touring affected your personal lives and families in any way that's led you to reconsider the future of Korn?

We have always given 100% to our careers. We will always do what we have to.

Have any special events such as the Korn Kampaign been planned for the post-release of the fourth album?

No comment

Are any tour plans under consideration for 2000, and will you be heading to parts of the world where you have been missed for too long, for example, Europe, Central and South America?

We're gonna try and do a world tour this time.

Who Then Now has been a prized possession for many Korn fans around the world. Can we expect a follow up to the Who Then Now video with new behind the scenes footage any time soon?

Yes. There's some very rare footage in the works.

Will Fieldy's and Jonathan's solo projects be completed and released once the fourth album has been released?

As soon as we get a chance.

And lastly, from all the fans at KoRnWeb, a BIG thank you for everything. Words cannot describe the appreciation for your music, messages and commitment to your fans. We hope Korn will be around forever to inspire and emotionally charge us! BACK